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Connecting every human with a global achievement network

We built a protocol and a set of easy-to-use tools, enabling people to permanently store their achievements on blockchain and build a secure digital identity they can trust.
Create Padges like a breeze
Capture life's moments by creating padges for attending concerts or conferences, graduating, traveling and more.
Create Padges
Publish and Collect Padges
Supports multiple distribution and collection methods such as Padger, QR Code, NFC Sticker, etc.
Buy accessories
Tap your phone on Padger to collect Padges.
QR Code
Scan QR Code to collect Padges.
NFC Sticker
Tap your phone on sticker to collect Padges.
Show and connect
Show all your achievements and experiences elegantly in your personalized profile.
Show Your Padges
Showcase Padges that tell your story.
Find Your Tribe
Connect with like-minded individuals based on shared passions and experiences.
Start Padging your journey!
Start Capturing, Creating, and Sharing your achievements, leaving a lasting legacy on your terms.